Versada Starts Collaboration with Swedish Partner Eazy-Office

We are more than happy to announce that Versada is starting collaboration with Swedish partner Eazy-Office! We are expanding our international market and looking forward to all challenges and opportunities this new step is going to bring!

Below we're interviewing Eazy-Office CEO Lars J. Croff to provide more information about this partnership and expectations.

Lars, please shortly describe your field of expertise, sectors you were working in/with etc.

  1. I have more than 20 years of experience working with various projects and in different sectors, as well as broad experience from many managerial positions. I am now focusing on delivery of solutions like Odoo ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), CRM (Customer Relation Management) systems, e-Commerce, CMS and Business Intelligence projects. All of these services sum up what we do and specialize in at Eazy-Office. We solve real problems for businesses by adapting these solutions and services to fit their particular needs.

Why have you decided to start working with Versada?

I’ve decided to start working with Versada firstly because they left a very good first impression with their high quality projects and experience.

   From the day I was first introduced to the Versada team, I saw them as a very experienced company and team. Their long and broad experience with Odoo gives me confidence and certainty that we’ll be delivering successful projects together.
Lars J. Croff

I look forward to be strengthening our product offering and position in the Swedish market. Also, every partnership opens new opportunities, we are always interested in participating in new projects. Eazy-Office is not a big company so we need to partner up with bigger organizations to gain access to more resources. I believe this partnership will benefit both parties and lead us to great results!

What potential do you see in Odoo? What features make it different from other ERPs?

Odoo is a very flexible and agile ERP system. It can be tailored to work for most businesses, all functions interact seamlessly with each other. I would highlight these as the main features that makes Odoo a strong choice of ERP system:

  • Flexibility and ease-of-use interfaces;
  • Broad range of integrated apps and functions;
  • Total cost of ERP implementation and maintenance;

I’ve worked with many different ERP systems over the last decades: Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, etc. Odoo is in my mind by far the best choice for most small and mid-sized organizations. It is open source and highly customizable at a reasonable cost; it is also already trusted by millions of users all over the world.

How does your local market/country interact with ERP? Is it a growing market at the moment, what demand do you notice?

Swedish businesses are familiar with various ERP systems but it is still a growing market. Lot’s of businesses are looking to take the next step into digitization. Companies want to optimize and digitize their processes and are looking for ERP systems that can be tailored and adapted to the processes and flow of their business.

Most of the companies have systems for accounting, but these systems aren’t always covering other segments/aspects of their business – i.e. solutions to optimize their sales/purchase management, warehouse/inventory, HR and other vital processes. I see the biggest growth potential in CRM, sales and purchases management, inventory handling and integrated accounting. Also, there are opportunities in marketing, Odoo has integrated modules that makes it easier to promote a business, launch a quality website/webshop, running marketing campaigns, social media channel management, etc.

I wouldn’t discriminate between types of businesses that has a need for a ERP system. Odoo has an enormous potential because of the functionality and ability to be adapted for most sectors at a reasonable cost.

What are the things/achievements you are looking forward to working with Versada? What is your vision for this partnership?

Look forward to develop new services and explore opportunities together with Versada. We have a close relationship which I strongly believe will benefit both parties in the long run. 

With our combined expertise we can achieve great results in implementing and servicing Odoo ERP systems for businesses.

   All Versada team is really looking forward to this collaboration. We are working with a lot of international clients and now it is a great opportunity to settle down more in Swedish market. I believe that having Lars in our team who is also experienced in Odoo market, we are going to achieve some great outcomes!
Paulius Sladkevičius CEO VERSADA

If you have any questions regarding Odoo implementation, you can always reach us via e-mail: