SIA PERUZA is a process engineering and equipment manufacturing company based in Latvia, Riga. 70+ team members, both engineers and technicians, 30 years experience in industrial manufacturing, working with more than 30 countries all over the world. 

PERUZA believes even proven technologies can be improved, therefore they continuously devote resources to Research and development in strives to create better solutions for their customers. Said competence is based on almost 30 years in the equipment business. 

Also, PERUZA believes the future of processing will be a combination of the human workforce and Robotic precision. Company is researching new Artificial Intelligence-based vision systems that will allow ensuring processing and quality checks for more quality products. Account for, check and produce with PERUZA Robotic vision systems.

We started working with PERUZA in summer of 2018 and so far Versada has done numerous improvements on their Odoo ERP system implementation project. Below you can find our interview with Mikelis Mezaks, Head of Development at PERUZA.

What were the main reasons you’ve decided to implement ERP in your company?

It was becoming increasingly difficult to track progress of all tasks within all projects. We had an ERP system before, in fact several. But the way we work (projects vary a lot) demands a different process. And tracking all information for tasks was more complicated.

  1. Why did you choose Odoo?

We chose Odoo because of the possibility to be able to shape the process steps to our specific needs. Odoo allowed us to create a new approach which was based more on communication rather than orders and entries that were not traceable. Also I was contacted by Versada in a very early stage and we could discuss our requirements with someone who knows the system really well. Versada team gave confidence that we would get the necessary support. 

  1. What vision/goals you’ve had for this project?

Mainly to track project progress and costs and have a traceable process where all involved parties would see the activities in one place rather than have them in several databases and people’s computers or emails. 

We have achieved the communication part which has improved a lot since we can trace placed orders and communicate with third parties. Versada does help a lot from the technical side knowing how the process works in the Odoo environment. We’ve already achieved administrative sector improvements with the help of Versada and implemented Odoo ERP system. And we are looking forward to measuring other indicators like percentages of costs reduce, manufacturing indicators improvements in the near future. 

  1. What is/was working with Versada from the beginning?

We chose Versada because there was a feeling that there is a lot of knowledge about the system and experience from other projects that would help us to choose the right approach. And the first feeling did not let us down. 

They are using project management and development methodologies that help to balance the project. Also, easily introducing us to internal systems that helps to see the progress, update tasks and leave comments for developers or other members of Versada. It is easy to understand where the stage of the project is and what has been done.

Overview of the project.

It is a pleasure to work with an innovative industrial manufacturing company from our brother’s land - Latvia. The project is interesting by itself because of the complexity of manufacturing and project management flow. Sector is one of the most growing because of Industry 4.0 and opportunities for manufacturing digitization.

Working since 2018, together we implemented a fully functional Odoo ERP system with custom development, training and consultations.

Top services provided:

  • AutoCad and Solidworks compatibility with Odoo;
  • Full tracking of Project management process (Kanban);
  • Task in a project is going through all stages: design, manufacturing, logistics etc.;
  • Different departments can track stages and make changes;
  • Time management for each task, statistics and time predicting/scheduling;
  • Overview of project: progress, timeline, workload, time tracking.

‌"It is very easy to communicate with Versada team, we can always see in what Odoo implementation stage are we in. If we have any questions, all members of the team are easily accessible.”
Mikelis Mezaks PERUZA, SIA

SIA PERUZA is industrial manufacturing company which is operating in very competitive market of industry. Especially because of Industry 4.0 companies are choosing digitization products which helps them to successfully manage entire process of manufacture, save costs and human resources, as well as make everything more productive.

SIA PERUZA successfully chose Odoo ERP for their processes optimization, we are happy to be able to be a part of their transformation. We hope this success story will show another successful Odoo project implemented.

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