Since 2010, we provide highly professional Odoo solutions, one of the top Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools today. Odoo’s open-source apps allow us to create unique workflows for each individual client regardless of size or industry. Thanks to our talented developers and solution engineers, we high project implementation success record. And that’s how we plan to keep it.

Our project management approach

Allows us to deliver successful solutions to our clients

In development and project management we share a passion for pursuing a common vision: simplifying complicated issues, solving technical difficulties and providing functioning, easy-to-maintain Odoo ERP system.

We do not only develop and run a project, we help clients to understand their needs and desired goals. The same understanding and a shared vision will ensure our suggestions and solutions are fit for purpose. As the project continues, the implementation strategy needs to be checked against the vision regularly, and that's why we find Agile projects so beneficial. It helps us to maintain constant-growth model and deliver fast.

Our approach allows tailoring of our engagement with you to bring you a successful delivery as efficiently as possible. Whether it is development, consultancy or support, every person of our team has a technical background and will help to exceed your goals.


Agile project management helps to adapt to change quickly and deliver solutions fast.

Proof of concept

The method which helps to evaluate the system by implementing a small part of it.

Full support

We will take full care of support and system maintenance after it is implemented.

Workshops for

Workshops for analysis help to see the full picture when choosing ERP.

Solution based on
added value

We are creating Odoo solutions based on added value for our clients.


Having a clear and shared vision about outcomes leads to both side success.

Odoo Consulting

While implementing new solutions is a key part of our day-to-day, we believe consulting to be the focal point of our success. After all, every technical process is only as good as people’s ability and willingness to follow the rules of execution. That’s why we train our clients not only how to use Odoo, but also solve various problems. Use the full potential of Odoo ERP – we show you how! 

Odoo Integration

Integration with third-party solutions makes Odoo ERP even better. However, it is not always easy to achieve. Different providers have different methods. Let us help you with Odoo integration as well. Our developers have mastered compatibility procedures of every app on the list - and sometimes even beyond.

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Odoo Support & Maintenance

Would you like to improve your current Odoo system, but don’t know how? Some solutions may seem impossible to find. We assure you; they are not. We’ll analyze your workflows, identify bottlenecks, consult you on possible fixes, and execute them. You can expect us to watch over your system - whatever changes or stops working, we’ll come to help you find a fix. 

Odoo Development

Every business has its own processes and tries to optimize them as efficiently as possible. Which Odoo helps you achieve. When Odoo’s apps can’t solve your problem, our developers will by tailoring their apps to your needs. Not just today. As processes change in your growing business, we’ll be there for you to offer a fast and cost-effective solution custom-tailored to your workflows.