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Light Conversion UAB Project, Lithuania

The client

Light Conversion UAB, Lithuania


Laser manufacturer



Odoo version


Services provided

  • Customisation of manufacturing module
  • Purchase system

As a part of a large project, we had the honor to work with Light Conversion, the leading manufacturer of ultra-short pulse lasers and optical devices for industry, research and economy. An enormous accuracy is required in the production of such products, which was also noticeable during the planning and implementation of the envisaged manufacturing management system. As central functions a documentation of the laser manufacturing process as well as an information retrieval of the history of the used parts should be implemented. Light Conversion have chosen a pre-programmed Odoo production module, which should be adapted by our Odoo developers accordingly. However, since the laser manufacturing process is very complex, extensive modifications were needed. Much of the working time was invested in converting the module to one-off production and assembling and implementing a detailed and customizable parts list including a sorting system. Close cooperation with the production management was of enormous importance. For first tests, the employees of a department were consulted. After goal-oriented corrections and optimization measures, it was extended to other departments. We owe the outcoming great result to the technical know-how of our Odoo developers, as well as the close and very constructive cooperation with the production team of Light Conversion. With this extremely high-quality manufacturing module tailored to a complicated process, our customer is optimally prepared for the future. But we have grown and got better at the challenges of this project as well.

“When we started working with the Versada team, we were undecided as to what system we wanted or which one we needed. The main objective was that it had to comply with our complex manufacture processes and allow tracking work in progress, i.e. that the system recorded the history of manufacture of every single item, parameters of parts and all information related to the repairs of devices. Having evaluated our needs and the scope of work together, we divided the process for system development into stages. Every stage completed was followed by testing how one or another function worked, corrections, if needed, and moving on. It was truly hard work as our manufacture processes were complex - there were many elements and they were assigned with much information. We are pleased that Versada would respond to our inquiries and requests very quickly, take every need into consideration, and explain things with patience if we could not understand technical capabilities of the system. They did a tremendous job and helped us understand what we actually needed from a system of such kind. I would like to mention Mr Andrius Preimantas, the project manager, who is a professional with excellent technical competence, organisational skills and extraordinary patience which was of particular importance for a project like this.”

Marius Bardauskas

Oscillator Team Manager

“It was interesting to work on the Light Conversion project due to two reasons. The first reason was that the specific nature of the company laser manufacture was a tempting challenge in itself, whereas the second one was the extraordinary experience to be gained managing the client’s needs and wishes. This project had a significant number of changes implemented on the standard system. Where so many modifications are made, there is always a degree of risk. Firstly, there is more room for making errors and it takes time to sort them out. Secondly, if new modifications are implemented over and over again, the launch of the system can take years and years. Therefore, we had to help our clients find out what needs of theirs were key, i.e. without which the system could not be launched, and what ones could be postponed. Our team can make all customer wishes come true; however, at the start of work those wishes have to be sorted and given priorities. Managing the client is quite a big challenge too.”

Andrius Preimantas

Solution Engineer

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