Martes Specure International

Martes Specure International is a global technological company, formed by the merger of Martes (founded in 1995) and Specure (founded in 2014). Currently, the company has offices in Vienna, Austria and Zilina, Slovakia.

In central Europe, Martes Specure International focuses on services related to frequency spectrum auctions high-speed internet monitoring solutions. In Slovakia the company primarily develops, implements and provides software solutions for logistics and telecommunication service providers.

The key product of Martes Specure International in the open source platform for internet quality measurement, Specure NetTest. 

Martes Specure International is a partner of numerous national telecommunication and regulatory institutions, service providers, technological companies and academic institutions. It currently participates in a global EU project, Connecting Europe Facility. The goal of the project is the transparent and objective mapping of the internet connectivity in Europe. 

We started working with Martes Specure in spring of 2016. It is a long term project and we are still providing support and maintenance service to their fully working Odoo ERP system. It is a pleasure to have such a long term partnership with Martes Specure and their team. Below you can find our interview with Jozef Svrcek Jr., Director of Martes Specure about Odoo implementation and results.

There were several business areas where we felt a need to have a solid and flexible system in place to support our business, mainly accounting and warehouse management.

Why did you choose Odoo?

We were choosing among several proprietary systems and we also looked at several open source systems including Odoo. We decided to choose Odoo mainly due to the possibility to customise the system easily and independently. We did not see any showstoppers with this approach. Also the initial cost to get started was very favorable.

What vision/goals you’ve had for this project?

We wanted to have a unified, integrated system for our offices in Slovakia and Austria that would contain all the critical business data and information for the management.

How did you start working with Versada? Why did you choose Versada?

We were searching for an Odoo implementation partner since it was clear to us that having an implementation partner would save us a lot of time and effort. We choose Versada based on criteria such as cost-benefit ratio and low risk due to rich experience of Versada in similar projects.

What success metrics have shown you that you had a successful project?

In our main office in Slovakia, the number of users using at least one of the main modules is at 40% compared to the legacy system which was just about 10%. This adds to efficiency and process transparency since the employees have real time access to all key information. The low number of the legacy system usage was down to the inflexibility of the legacy system to accommodate our processes and due to the potential increase in the licensing cost.

  The cooperation fulfilled our expectations. We established a simple, yet effective process on how to deal with issues and our requirements. We primarily use an online ticketing system where we describe requirements in the form of user stories. Occasionally we have online conferences where we discuss our needs and the possible solutions.
JOZEF SVRCEK JR. Director at Martes specure international

Overview of the project.

Our collaboration with Martes Specure started way back in 2016 and is active until now. Versada team is happy to be able to help international company reach a new level with Odoo ERP and implement new solutions every year depending on their needs.

Implemented Odoo system has very wide range of funcionality but here are the most important parts that were implemented to meet Martes Specure vision of processes digitization:

  • Full sales and invoicing process;
  • Purchases system which helps to follow costs and connect them with owned cost center;
  • Lunch module implementation for ordering meals;
  • Fully integrated Warehouse and Inventory modules for detail tracking;
  • HR and Recruitment modules development for the HR department. Also, Leaves module to follow holidays, sick leaves etc.;
  • Maintenance system for inventory and equipment tracking;
  • Manufacturing and Repair modules to track everything related to manufacturing processes. Also, the company is tracking and evaluating warranty products with all components. Odoo apps help company to see the history of certain parts, adjust and analyse it.
  • Fleet module that helps to follow travel expenses.

Versada is happy to maintain a long term partnership with Martes and help them to improve their processes. At the moment we are only providing support and maintenance for Martes Specure Odoo ERP system and consulting on their arising needs on a daily basis.

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