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Rasa Stankevičiūtė Januar 25, 2019

Versada - Your Trusted Odoo Partner

Why should you choose experienced Odoo partner for your business?

Exciting news for us and hopefully for some of you - Versada is starting a blog! And here is the first blog post to introduce you to who we are and why we came up with idea to start our own blog. Let it be a great new start!

What stands behind Versada name?

Versada is a team of digital problems solvers for the B2B sector. We help companies to optimize their processes in order to save time and money and to increase their long-term entrepreneurial success.

Started from only few Odoo projects back to 2010, today Versada has grown to strong and international company based in Lithuania and Germany. We are working for our customers and implementing the best Odoo business management solutions for companies situated in Europe. Versada has successfully implemented more than 100 projects for e-commerce, manufacturing and service providing companies all over the world.

Versada Office

Versada is an official Odoo partner in Lithuania & Germany. Our main office is situated in Kaunas, Lithuania and there is a department in Berlin, Germany. Also, we have developers working from Vilnius office and even remotely from Macedonia! We seek to find the best Odoo specialists wherever they are. In Versada we are having quite flexible working culture and no strict corporate structure what makes our jobs so enjoyable. But we would need separate blog post to tell you about this so let’s leave it for a bit later!

  Why Versada can be fully trusted as Your Odoo Partner?

As you may know, Odoo is an integrated suite of applications that includes various modules for business: project management, accounting, inventory management, CRM, invoicing, manufacturing and a lot of more. Those modules can easily communicate with each other to exchange information for efficiency and make the whole process much easier for all involved system users. You can find more information about Odoo apps and try it here: OdooCamp.

We are working and specializing only in Odoo business management solutions what makes us the best specialists of the system. Company and projects are managed by experienced programmers and Odoo specialists with deep knowledge about Odoo ERP. In development and project management we share a passion for pursuing a common vision: simplifying complicated issues, solving technical difficulties and providing functioning, easy-to-maintain Odoo ERP systems.

Through our daily work, we got to know the process structures of numerous companies from various industries: service, manufacturing, e - commerce, engineering etc. That is why Versada is a lot more than a purely technical service provider.

We value long term partnerships with our clients and rely on features of trust, security and balance which helps us to work in the most productive way together. The best evaluation for us - deserved clients’ trust and honest recommendations.

Why should you follow our blog?

We came up with an idea to start a blog because we want to share our knowledge and expertise in Odoo ERP sphere. We believe not only in Odoo best features and opportunities but we know how to optimize it for businesses to help them increase efficiency and simply make things easier.

If you are interested in Odoo, you are looking for ERP system for your business or you are just curious about relevant information from software development and IT - follow us! We are going to share articles and experience about Odoo ERP funcionality, Odoo development, tips for businesses, Versada as a team of people and how do we shape businesses with Odoo help.

Want to hear more from us?

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Summing up our very first blog post, we hope you got a basic understanding who is Versada and what are we seeking for with this blog. We support companies in mapping and optimizing their processes in the best possible way. As an experienced Odoo partner, we rely on an innovative app system that certainly will shape the future, let us share our expertise with you!

Are you thinking about new business ERP system? Or maybe you want to make business processes easier and more efficient? We have a team of professional Odoo Developers and Experienced Solution Engineers who are willing to help you with their technical know-how. We will find the best solution for Your business. Contact us at any time via www.versada.eu

Versada - Your Trusted Odoo Partner.