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Rasa Stankevičiūtė März 25, 2019

How is Versada Organized: FAQ Answered

How is the company organized? How do you manage workload? What are career opportunities?

We get many questions during about our company and why do we have different business mindset comparing to others. Here goes answers to mostly asked questions! Hope you will find them interesting!

What management style or development methodology does the team use?

What we have found during the years is that every company has a unique approach regarding what they need and how they want to co-operate in order to accomplish it. Our work is based on Agile methodology and understanding all needs of parties in the project.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide the best Odoo ERP solutions for companies and simplify their processes flow. We don't really want to force them to engage with us; we want them to be specifically interested in working with Versada, because they see us as a company that can provide value to their organization with innovative solutions.

How do you manage working hours?

We are really flexible when talking about working hours. Some of our team are early morning people and start early. Others have found out their productivity hits from noon and that’s ok, start your working day then! Versada seeks to keep employees happy and satisfied with their jobs and workload. Too intense and corporate working routine is tiring so we are trying to keep balance and let our colleagues to do that. And it is working!

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Does management have technical background?

Yes! All of our management have technical background. Our technical team is made from solution engineers and developers. All of them have long-term experience in programming and project management.

Which product will a new employee be working on?

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Versada is working only with Odoo ERP system and implementation. Ongoing projects vary from local to international but all of them are chosen to fulfill needs of client in the best possible way. New employee is going to have trainings and then step by step becomes a part of several projects. It very depends on how much experience developer has with Python, HTML, Javascript, PostgreSQL etc. We are ensuring support and practical trainings from the best solution engineers and developers.

Is there a possibility to advance your career or get a promotion?

No doubt! Even though Versada has flat organizational structure, we provide multiple opportunities to grow as a developer. You can build your expertise and specialize about topics you find interesting. We aim to give as much responsibility as person desires and support their growth. Also, we have 20/80 rule which means you can spend 20% of your working time on tasks you find interesting for your professional growth. What is more, we have special bonus systems created for developers and metrics to follow to get a promotion. Interested? Reach our HR Milda - she will tell you everything!

What does the office environment look like?

Versada has two offices - headquarters in Kaunas and working space in Vilnius. Also, we have some remote employees working from Macedonia. Yes, we are seeking to find the best Odoo and Python specialists wherever they are.

Our main office in Kaunas is situated in city centre with a wonderful and at the same time diverse view to calm Nemunas island and always buzzy streets of Kaunas. We are working in one of the newest business centers in Kaunas - ARKA. We chose  Happspace as our workspace for cozy and modern atmosphere and people working here.

And best news are that at the moment WE ARE HIRING! Versada is expanding and currently we are looking for:


Are you interested in working with us? Or do you have any unanswered questions?

Reach us at any time via [email protected]

You Are Welcome to Join Our Team!

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