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Rasa Stankevičiūtė Februar 21, 2019

5 Reasons to Follow Versada on Social Media

How can social media influence business nowadays?

Nowadays social media plays an important role in our life and nobody can deny that. We wouldn’t lie by saying that social media has got to the point where it shapes our daily lives and makes a great impact to it by being able to see relevant information matching our interests.

Social media platforms can be used as tools to share useful information for business too. We give you 5 attention worth reasons to follow us on our social media channels:

1. Get to know us better

If you are interested in the story and team standing behind Versada name, you can get to know our company through our social media channels. We constantly share news related to your company’s community involvement. In addition to news, we also publish information on open positions in our company, upcoming events and lots of more. We have a small team but people working here are so worth sharing their stories, you will have opportunity to meet them virtually. We care about our working atmosphere, teamwork, daily routine and we will be pleased to share it with you.

2. Helpful tips for businesses

Odoo ERP system can help businesses not only optimize their processes but also increase productivity, efficiency, revenues and lots of more. There are many researches made that proves that but our daily work with various companies proves it even better. Curious how Odoo can help your employees to reach better results? Follow our blog and social media to get valuable insights. Interested in Odoo ERP? You can try it for FREE today: OdooCamp.

3. See success stories from our clients

We believe in strong and long-term relationships with clients. Versada already have implemented more than 100 projects all over the world specializing only in Odoo ERP system. We are sharing success stories from our clients for you to see the real examples of how Odoo helps businesses in reality. Also, this is a great opportunity for you to meet with business professionals who share your interests and industry passion.

4. Stay up-to-date to Odoo and technology news

Odoo is the only ERP system we are working with what makes us the best specialists of it. We are following the newest technology updates and sharing best practises, modules reviews and other interesting topics with you. Odoo ERP is based on a technology stack which is always up-to-date. Technology is being developed and adapted to the latest standarts that let customers update their system to newest version and enjoy possibilities of the system for their business.

5. Easy communication

In the end, one of the best features social media has to offer is easy communication. Do you have a question about Odoo, you need consultation or you have some insights to share with us? Or maybe you are Odoo related and want to join our team? You are more than welcome to drop us a message at any time!

To sum up this short post about our presence on social media channels, we are only sharing insightful posts and content that is relevant to our target audience. Also, some fun moments from our daily life in the office! If you are interested in some of the topics or things we already mentioned before, let’s connect! Our social media channels:TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.

If you have any questions about Odoo ERP, you can always contact us via our website: www.versada.eu