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Azimut Space GmbH (formerly Sonaca Space GmbH) is a Space Engineering company with more than 12 years experience in thermo-mechanical engineering and in the development of payloads and subsystems.

The company, founded in 2007 primarily as a thermal engineering company, has expanded its portfolio over the years, and now offers complete thermal solutions, thermal engineering services, thermal hardware as well as the development of instruments and subsystems.

Azimut Space GmbH (ASG) has its premises in Berlin with in-house developed Thermal Vacuum Chambers, Thermal Cycling Chamber, and a Thermal Characterization unit. Additionally, the lab has a number of other auxiliary support equipment like a 3D printer, LN2 vessel.

There are numerous projects implemented for Nasa and other space related industries and companies. While projects are long term and characterized by complexity, Azimut Space needed a reliable enterprise resource planning system with focus on project management.

We started working with Azimut Space in the beginning of 2019 and successfully managed to implement Odoo ERP system for their needs. Below you can find an interesting interview with Anna Daurskikh, Head of Verification and Validation at Azimut Space.

  1. Why did you choose Odoo?

We were looking for a replacement for our old ERP system and considered several solutions -  Odoo appealed to us because of its vast functionality that can be customized and low operational costs.  Due to specific issues with our old system, reliability was essential for us, and since Odoo is the most used software worldwide, that was another aspect that spoke strongly for it.

How did you start working with Versada? Why did you choose Versada?

When we were looking for an Odoo partner, we contacted several companies, and Versada stood out by their quick response and structured approach. First, we had a workshop to discuss our processes and requirements and based on that Versada provided us an offer.

The workshop allowed us to get a clear idea of what was possible to achieve with Odoo and also made us consider how our processes could be optimized. Since standard Odoo modules would have been needed to be significantly customized to copy our existing processes, Versada advised us on alternative ways to achieve the same functionality with minimal modifications.

What was working with “Versada” from beginning to end?

Versada team has done an excellent job in guiding us through all stages of the process: we had regular telecons where status was presented and implementation options were explained, so the process stayed completely transparent for us. Once the modules were ready, we could test them, and exchange feedback with the team, so by the time we deployed the system, there were no big surprises. During the testing, the engineers took the time to answer all our questions and supported us in finding optimal ways to use the system.

What success metrics have shown you that you had a successful project?

Currently, we are using a wide array of Odoo modules to run day-to-day company operations: project planning, timesheets, leaves, purchases, sales.

The system has been stable and reliable, and we can see an enormous advantage in using it.  When we need to make small changes, such as configure the approval process or notifications, we can do so easily through Odoo visual interface.

Overall, we are very satisfied with our new EPR system, and we would be happy to work with Versada again.

  Thanks to Versada’s extensive knowledge of the modules and community add-ons, they were able to create an efficient solution for us, taking our budget constraints into account.
Anna Daurskikh Head of Verification and Validation at Azimut Space.

Overview of the project.

Versada team managed to come up with a solution for Azimut Space complex project management and tracking process. After Odoo implementation Azimut are able to plan and assign teams and people to specific parts of the project, also see the workload.

What is more, Azimut Space expressed the need to follow costs and expenses per project stages. Purchases were connected with costs following per project. We developed an app that helps to follow these indexes, as well to see analytic accounts for better analysis.

Also, we created an overtime management system which helps company to see project overtime, plan leaves and holidays for teams.

Azimut Space project was very special and interesting because of the industry and their specific needs. Communication with Anna and the team was smooth and we were able to find common ground for building reliable solutions in Odoo ERP.
Paulius Sladkevičius CEO & Solution Architect at versada

After Odoo implementation, Azimut Space are able to track a budget, have a based and planned actual lines, see the progress, make adjustments and follow the costs. Versada team crafted a fully working Odoo ERP system with custom development to make project management processes easier and more effective for Azimut Space. It was a pleasure to work with such an innovative company.

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